Misbath Visits

Ever since we moved to California, I’ve been ready to invite friends from college out here. I wanted to wave a flag to everyone saying “Yes, come to the west coast.” So, when I heard that Misbath was coming to San Diego for Spring Break, I immediately invited her to stay with me.

From the time I picked her up at the airport and all throughout the week, we reconnected over everything Washington College. I got to hear all about the matriculating international students and the new exchange students. Talking to Misbath made it seem like I had never graduated. That was until I heard about her incredible two theses and I thought, “Wow, one was enough.” I was glad I had my degree already.

On Tuesday we explored the Gaslamp Quarter together. Our first stop was Zymology 21, a chemistry themed restaurant and bar. We loved it, especially Misbath since she’s a chemistry major. Drinks were served in beakers and test tubes and all along the wall were famous chemists. Both of us got a little excited over Louis Pasteur. Afterwards, we met up with Jack and hopped around downtown.

The next morning, we took a SUP yoga class through Bliss Paddle Yoga. It was such a surreal experience to paddle out on the water and do yoga. I had a difficult time finding my balance, but managed to do all the steps without falling off of the board. Some of the people in our class were able to do handstands and other advanced yoga moves. The best part about the class was that each pose connected with nature. When the instructor said to look towards the sun I could feel it on my face. When she said in vinyasa to reach out and feel the water around you, I could. I felt centered and at peace out there. I would definitely take a class like this again so if anyone is up for it let me know!

Afterwards we walked around my favorite town in San Diego, La Jolla. We walked along the beach, saw some seals, went shopping on Girard Ave, and had lunch at Puesto for some amazing street tacos.

On the last night we went out to dinner at Bang Bang. It’s a sushi restaurant and club combined and it blew us all away. The atmosphere, the sushi, and fried rice were all off the charts. Our favorite part of the whole place was the famous Ryan Gosling bathroom. Yes, there was a bathroom with Ryan Gosling’s face plastered all around the room!

After dinner, we dropped Misbath off at the airport, and hugged goodbye. Her visit was a blast and I know she’s going to go off and do amazing things in the world. Best of luck with graduation in May and everything that comes after that!


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