Hot Chocolate 15K

Distance running should be just as much fun as 5K fun runs. If I’m going to run 9.32 miles, I want to stay entertained the whole way through. The Hot Chocolate 15K was so cheery, I couldn’t help but smile the whole race. I was in a chocolate wonderland and everywhere I turned someone was dressed as a box of Pocky or a character out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was simply chocolate marshmallow happiness for 15 kilometers.


The entire race, Gerred and I were energized. It could have been the carbs of the pasta the night before or the intensely motivating pandora station I was listening to, but I was tearing up the roads. When I saw hills up ahead, I smiled and ran up them with pleasure. Even when there were speed bumps on top of one of the hills, Gerred and I leaped over them as if they were hurdles.


We were able to maintain the same pace from the Firecracker 10K and kept it throughout the entire 15K. After each mile, we high-fived each other and danced all the way past marshmallow stands. Nothing brought us down.

When it came time to cross the finish line I turned on the jets and received one of the coolest medals I’ve ever seen. It was brightly colored and shaped like a chocolate bar with a bite taken out of it. Best of all, the medal had both the Coronado Bridge which Gerred crosses everyday to get to work and the Star of India, the ship I work on at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Having the two landmarks on this medal means a lot to me and really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be in San Diego.


Once we received our medals we were handed a hot chocolate finisher mug. It included a cup of hot chocolate, a bag of pretzels, a rice krispies treat, a banana, a marshmallow, and chocolate fondue to dip it all in. Needless to say, we gained back most of the calories we burned.

After the race, we returned home to stretch in the pool and relax in the sun. The Hot Chocolate 15K was a truly enjoyable race. I’m glad we got to test our endurance and our capacity for hills. Best of all, we walked home with a shiny new medal and a snazzy hoodie that was dubbed by several running magazines as the best race swag.

Now it’s back to training for our next race, the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.

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