Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes

Without any formal training, Victoria Bosgraaf sprang into the food world when she designed an organic fruit and nut bar for her 6-year old vegetarian daughter. Her friends and family couldn’t get enough of the natural ingredients, so she decided to transform the bar into a business. In 2006 she launched Pure Bar, an organic line of snack bars (not to be confused with the fitness trend Pure Barre) that quickly spread around the nation.


Bosgraaf’s inventiveness and care for her family’s health is evident in each of the recipes in her cookbook, Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes. She promotes exactly what my husband and I strive for in our kitchen, cutting out processed foods, eating clean, and seasonal. Pure Food is a real relief when I’m cooking because the recipes are easy to follow so I’m not doing anything too complex.

Eating seasonally is an essential part of Pure Food. Each chapter is broken down by month and includes in-season ingredients. Living in San Diego makes accessing fresh produce and all seasonal ingredients easy, but I still love the month by month challenge.


So far I’ve cooked up 4 seasonal dishes from Pure Food and loved every single one of them. For lunch, I’ve been slurping up  March’s carrot and curry soup. It’s the right kind of sweet and when topped with avocado is seriously irresistible. October’s cranberry leek quinoa transforms the boring quinoa into a delicious bitter and tangy side dish.


I am not gluten-free, but I tried the gluten-free coconut pancakes and was surprised by the taste. I was expecting the sort of empty taste from gluten free baked goods, but got an even taste of coconut that I love. It’s even better with peanut butter on top.


Hands down, my favorite meal was February’s Dill Havarti Couscous with Rainbow Chard. The cheese is creamy, the pine nuts crunchy, and all the ingredients compliment each other so well. I’m actually eating some now as I’m writing this.

If you’re looking for healthy, seasonal, vegetarian recipes then pick up Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes and get cooking!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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