Web Roundup

My life is the web. I’m not ashamed. I surf it, read, and learn from it daily. So I’m sharing a few fun articles I’ve found and a few I’ve recently written.

On the Web

A co-worker shared 17 Things You Didn’t Know Chrome Could Do things with me and I could not believe how useful this article is. I immediately downloaded One Tab and have saved my computer from the plague of too many opened taps.

Live From New York combines two things I love, documentaries and Saturday Night Live. I seriously cannot wait for it to be released on June 12!

The Humane Society of Utah put together a photo series of Photo Booth Dogs. It’s cute and quirky and definitely a little inspiring. Maybe I’ll take a “photo booth” picture with Fergus this weekend.

Missed it? Catch Up

Motivation I share my way to stay motivated with health and fitness goals with my detailed stay system.


I’ve been reading a lot of cookbooks lately like Elizabeth Minchelli’s Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City and Victoria Bosgraaf’s Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal Plant Based Recipes. I spent most of Sunday meal prepping some delicious recipes for the week.

Published Posts

I am now published as a contributor to three different blogs, Vows & Valor, Girls on the Run San Diego, and NewBlueFX. I love being able to write about a variety of different topics like military weddings, running, and video editing.

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans read my latest Vows & Valor article on New Orleans Honeymoon Ideas. Inspired by my honeymoon and a few hopeful other sights to include on my next visit.


Discover how to become a Girls on the Run San Diego SoleMate when you read my first Girls on the Run San Diego blog post, Rock N’ Roll San Diego SoleMates. Don’t forget you can donate to my SoleMates fundraiser here.

I’m in charge of Community and Content at my new job at NewBlueFX and that means I write blog articles about our products. In Get Vegas Lighting with Color Fixer Pro I brake down Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’s lighting effects and show you how to achieve it with Color Fixer Pro. Are you a budget filmmaker? Read my latest article, Top 5 Free Video Effects Plugins.

There’s so many great works on the web. What have you found lately?


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